Fighting Frustration and Fatigue

This has been a hard 2 weeks.
It is my impression that the hospital staff was stressed and unpleasant last week due to the impending holiday and just wanting to leave work and go eat copious amounts of gravy laden food. However, they seemed to bring their bad moods BACK with them after Thanksgiving, which is just not fair. Get a grip people- it's holiday season for everyone, not just you. I'm working Christmas day, so that leaves 16 more working days before I can really rest. I'm already so tired... spent this a.m. in a fog since I fell asleep on the bus, and then was ok until I walked through my apt door where I have now crumpled into a semi-lifeless blob. My eyes and brain are fatigued... I can't even begin to think about learning more about Google Wave even though I have OT buddies on there now because it is literally overwhelming to me at this moment.

A vast majority of my pts on the cardiopulmonary unit this week have been people with volume overload following dietary indiscretions over the holiday. COPD and CHF exacerbations as well for related reasons. Interesting how things move in patterns. Unfortunately, since ice and snow is coming up there will be more broken hips and the like.

The next thing I write will probably be about the difficulty getting an IRF/ACIR placement for a pt... we've been discussing this a lot at work, there are new insurance rules going into effect, our documentation has extra scrutinization coming its way. It's a detailed issue that I care a lot about but I need to be a little more coherent before I try to address that. So I'm taking some time to rest, though that time does include traveling to a football game on Saturday and likely Christmas shopping (possibly even at crazy IKEA, yikes) on Sunday.

Just trying to keep afloat...

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Snowbrush said...

If everyone was in a crappy mood because of Thanksgiving, God help you when Xmas rolls around! I do hope you are well and not feeling so overloaded.