Starting the New Year

New Year, but Same Old?
Starting a new year in January really cramps my style. Like Caulfield in Frazz, I usually can't make resolutions at that time, and like most all people who actually set resolutions, I usually don't keep them either. Would I like to exercise more? Yes... but not in 20* weather. Would I like to eat better? Yes... but not when there's delicious comfort food leftovers in the fridge. Would I like to set detailed achievable goals for myself? No way! I get paid for that! I thought this was a cute little goal tracker, thought of some ways to use this personally/professionally, but I know myself. I'd start getting little red x's and it would be the last time I ever went to the site.

I am a little apathetic about this current new year business. I am back on the medicine floor again, the land of triage occasionally in war-zone conditions. Walked in on Monday to a gigantic list of consults, which was narrowed to 18 after we weeded out discharged and already seen patients who just didn't get taken out of the computer system. Still a little excessive. Very full house right now, and most of our medicine patients on caseload are waiting for placement in subacute rehab.

This rotation is the first (of many) on a familiar floor, since I started the job on the medicine floor. I know all the case managers, most of the stable medical staff (not students/interns), and lots of friendly faces from the nursing staff. I remember most of the codes to the supply rooms and such. But it's not a particularly exciting time for me. The revolving door of the hospital is most evident on the medicine floor, so its an unfortunate but likely prospect that the people I am evaluating this week will be evaluated again in the coming months. Part of our nation's healthcare crisis, on so many levels. But usually there's no new interesting diagnoses to investigate, no cool techniques going on, just a battle to get people out the door to the least restrictive living environment.

While meeting and talking with my patients is interesting, there's not a lot of extra things for me to learn and do, so I will have to find other ways to occupy my time. We are revising some of our documentation, to make it quicker (!!!) and better. I'd like to write an ICU/low level eval since we are asking for early level consults in all the ICUs which often leads us to patients who don't fit the "general evaluation" template.

Other current OT to-dos... renewing NBCOT certification so I can keep my R... get back to reading my books on acute early childhood interventions... emailing a bunch of OT people detailed conversations that I owe them... deciding whether or not to go to the AOTA Conference this year. I had planned to go to the conference and have a semi-reunion with some of my fellow OT graduates, but now my best friend will be having a baby around that time. Need to decide if we want to adapt the trip, if I want to go by myself, if I want to drag my husband along, if he would want an expo pass to go pick up free pens and fidget toys, etc. I enjoyed presenting at the state conference this year and will probably do that again... also thinking of a writeup for OT Practice on some similar concepts but unsure of how to go about doing that.

My outside of OT to-dos are a super long list as well. In addition to the dozens of unfinished projects, I am going to be trying out some new hobbies... knitting... playing guitar... cooking (ha! just kidding on that one!). I've also been reading at a faster pace again, hearkening back to my youth of a novel or 2 a day, which is fun in its own little introverted way.

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