Progressing in Pediatrics

Got my official badge access to the OB/pediatric/NICU areas today, now I can stop annoying security by paging them every time I want on or off the floor.
Got to observe a baby with a pronounced cleft palate again today, this time made it in time to watch the feeding process. I learned about the Haberman feeder, which is a special nipple that requires you to squeeze along with the baby's attempts to suck. Very interesting and I got to hold the baby for awhile. Also saw a girl admitted for preterm labor today... have to get less nervous on the new floor, I heard myself talking extremely fast when doing her eval. It's hard to absorb all this new specialty information for peds, especially since I am starting on the neuro floor next week and will have to be ready for that. Trying to learn fast and not have my brain explode...

Did my first real ADL in a long while... 7 units with the same lady. Didn't have an excess # of orders today anyway and almost all of my evals and followups were cancelled for one reason or another. We'll see what tomorrow brings... hard to tell what will happen

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