New find from twitter

Twitter time has been semi productive!
Found a link to an OT blog I hadn't been following- Info Spot 4 the Special Tot. The author also has a website on sensory processing in infants. I haven't had time to explore the whole thing yet, but the author has definitely been profuse in publishing and has also acted on something that I had discussed with another blogger- producing entries for wiki-how related to OT. So, props for that. It is on my list of things to do, but ... in unrelated news, I am getting a few other things adding up on my list. My research from school is actually getting near to being published (!!) and so I have some things to finish up for that. I have been reading my stroke textbook 1 chapter at a time on the metro rides, when I'm not falling asleep from exhaustion. And I am swinging my occupational imbalance in another direction, going to be attending several upcoming concerts and 1-2 football games before Christmas, hope to keep peppering my sometimes dull life with a little fun :)

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