Layout Updates Complete (?)

I think, for the most part, that the layout updates are complete. There were a lot of trials, especially since I was reluctant to check and re-add each link on these pages one at a time, but hopefully there is a better collection of links now and a more efficient design. May have to update my photo, but it's hard to get an OT-relevant pic. So, thoughts on the 3 column design? I wanted to go totally custom but haven't been able to get that going yet. Haven't put the code back in to shorten all the entries again- do people find that useful?

Now that the drama of recreating the homepage is over I hope to get some more regular entries going, but one reason I'm not sad they've been slow is that I have been trying to get a better balance to life. So we've been going to some concerts, getting ready for football games this fall and visiting family over the holidays. Nice to have some fun stuff to look forward to. Also, I've been working on my presentation for the state conference, since I can't very well just show up and say, "yeah... I have a blog." Not going to cut it :)

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