Interesting Idea for Travelers

Traveling therapists, that is, and the kind that hop state to state as opposed to place to place within a big town. I am not a traveling therapist, though the boxes in my living room might suggest otherwise. But I was reading unclutterer and they were discussing Earth Class Mail, a virtual P.O. box that will scan your mail to your email account and then allow you to choose what to do with it- shred, send to you, archive, whatever. You can check out the prices here... I don't know how that compares to other mail forwarding options, but it sure sounds better than the cruddy service I've had at this apartment (numerous pieces lost or delayed up to 3 weeks).

Packing a moving truck today, which will be tiring, but I should also have enough info for a product review of the supposedly ergonomic Forearm Forklift (as seen on TV)!

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