New Toy!

Found a cool new toy at the bargain outlet today... "Monster Under My Bed." Kids (4+) stick their hands underneath to try to find out what gross objects are left under the bed... like rotting orange, dirty diaper, sticky sucker, hamster. Then you see if your object matches on your bingo card, trying to get 3 in a row. If you take too long, the monster under the bed will get aggravated and pop up to reclaim what's his!

I am looking forward to using this with the kids... I have several who working on basic hand use and finger prehension. I can see that the hand therapist may steal it away to work on stereognosis. And this could be quite nice for cotreats w/ speech therapy... work on prepositions, descriptive words, colors. Lots of fun ahead!

Of course, this doesn't mean you have to spend big bucks to have great therapy... my coworkers laughed at me for making a paper bag puppet during my lunch break, but it has been the favorite toy several times now with different kids. One of my teachers at the conference last weekend said that pediatric therapy was about being goofy and selling it to the kids that they were having fun... so either a novel toy or a simple one with a silly therapist will probably work well. :)

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