brief update note

Some updates...
After a long fought afternoon, I finally managed to get the cut links to work so I can shorten posts. The 6 subscribers from google reader will still have to deal w/ walls of text, but the rest of you got life a little easier. I don't think that I'm going to go and retro-edit the other posts, they'll be off the main page in a few weeks anyway.

Also, I think I am going to start uploading things to google documents for file sharing, since it doesn't require an account and there hasn't been any outcry from the OT Advantage community begging for files over there. (Yes, I recognize google's domination over my internet life, and I'm ok with that)

Now I just wish there was a way to make it so that when you clicked on the tag link (like "students") that it would show you the titles of the posts instead of all the relevant posts. I am somewhat of an organization freak. A free internet cookie to the one who figures out how to do that, and writes it in a way I can understand.

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