Play Ball!

Had a really fun treatment today. Props to Mr A for withstanding over 2 hours of therapy today and to my pseudo-boss for being willing to listen to my ideas. Mr H is in his upper 80's and had a basilar artery stroke. When I first saw him in the hospital last week, he had poor sitting balance, very poor standing balance, and couldn't hold onto a walker w/ his R hand. Since then, he has made some great progress. (sidenote- spontaneous recovery is a frustrating concept to me. I wish that you could predict why some people get great recovery from cerebral events quickly, and others never do. me=control freak)

I had spent 45 minutes before lunch working with him sitting EOB while doing resistive clothespins and reaching in all planes, also did the extreme fine motor kit. No sitting balance issues. Sitting balance is the precursor to standing balance, so yes, this is relevant to his continued independence. Teaming up w/ my experienced PT friend and a rehab aide, we later found Mr A game to try our sitting balance game. We got to sit him on a ball, where he did great with dynamic sitting balance, even after incorporating throwing and catching another ball. Great BUE coordination. The only thing he didn't do well was the cognitive portion of this that we eventually worked up to- naming a different major city with every throw. We did try some dynamic standing at the end of this exercise, but that is still in the future.

This is the 2nd time in a year of employment that I have seen/heard of the ball being used. The first time, I was sitting on it to eat lunch. It makes me miss the rehab center, makes me find a commonality with a non-particularly-liked employee of said center who told me during my fieldwork that she could never NOT work on the stroke team, as the other diagnoses were boring. It certainly is interesting and sparks my curiosity over my future again... I have strong interests in CVA and SCI but they are generally separated and very specialized.

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