OT WebGems- Aging Edition

HOO-HA, I am nearing the end of my blog-related bookmarks (for now)! This edition focuses on those who are lucky enough to become elderly, with one crazy note thrown in at the end.

Architectural Updates- I have some links about aging-in-place and universal design on the sidebar, as it was the original reason I got into OT. Here's a retirement community that has incorporated some of those principles to help their residents live more independently.

Retirement Communities- The later pages in this article offer some great questions to ask before choosing an over-55, assisted living, or continuing care facility.

Balance- Here's some info and products to improve balance at any age! We should probably all start now, since our proprioceptive system starts declining around age 12.

As high tech pushes devices to boost your cognition and keep your mind sharp, people continue to wonder about what long-term effects all those crosswords, sudokus, and Brain Age games have.

Unrelated-- I saw a video of this car on Disaboom, and had to share. I am not a claustrophobic person, but this makes the Smart Car look spacious. However, I support the idea that a wheelchair user could have relatively easy access to their local area. I see a disproportionate number of pedestrians along high-speed roadways driving scooters than walking, and an enclosed way would be safer. I give you- Kenguru! Arriving in England soonish, US... another 15 years?

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