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A short little update on the sidebar... I managed to take the blogs that I subscribe to from Google RSS Reader and auto link them. This will be a lot easier than trying to continually update the links list as I keep finding new and interesting OT bloggers. When I get some time, I'm going to update the resource links as well and try to categorize them... I've been finding some good peds sites and still have a good deal of home mod/universal design links floating around in my bookmarks. I also will try to attend to some of those 'upcoming entries'... apparently I missed "Blogging Against Disablism Day" (probably because I live in the wrong country) but I will update with something along those lines soon. And, per comment from Karen, I may add a bit more personal information. I just want to be true to my original reasons for this and not clutter it up with my unrelated stories.

I've been finding a lot of references to "web 2.0" which strikes me as somewhat funny. My husband and I were watching a show called "Download: the history of the Internet" which we found strange and intriguing. They were discussing what I suspect others are referring to as "web 2.0"... beyond email- using blogs, facebook, webpages, bulletin boards, etc. It was strange, because this show was being narrated as historical/informative/ground breaking... and it was all stuff that we use everyday. My first foray into web design was back in '99 (suffice it to say that was LONG before my OT days), so it's an interesting vantage point as others are discovering the capabilities of mass connectivity. I'm not super experienced w/ this program for blogging yet, but I do have familiarity with other parts of the internet and various programs. I figure the best way for OTs to expand into the web is to share our knowledge so that everyone can learn the ins and outs quicker.

Not trying to brag, but if anyone needs tips on the following, just let me know: Basic HTML, Basic Microsoft Office (all apps), Intermediate Google Applications, Advanced Microsoft Publisher, Advanced SOLE, Advanced Netscape Composer.

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