Photo Phriday- early a.m. style!

It's early and I can't sleep, which is becoming the new normal. So I thought maybe I'd swing by my neglected blog and put up some new entertainment. Blogger has so kindly moved into this new editing format... hopefully someday I will adjust to it. On with the photos that are truly random because it is just that early!

One of the things I do when I'm not sleeping is jigsaw puzzles. This one is hard anyway because it does not have my preferred style (lots of words and defined objects) but instead is a fall vista in WV. Clearly there was a small perceptual problem in assembly... glad to say it's been fixed now.
Went to a football game and saw this bus in the parking lot- seems like I should jump aboard!
Normally my spiral staircase looks awesome. Normally, it doesn't look like it will send you to your doom on a tile floor 15 feet below. We are not living in normalcy right now.

This was a sensory challenging snack to make and eat.  I sliced bananas (gross) and spread on peanut butter, yogurt, and nutella. Then I froze them. They are certainly tasty treats but your hands get disgusting when making or eating them.

That's all I have for you today and sorry, some of them are twitter repeats. Posts always decrease during football season and the holidays but I will have some more updates soon including info about how I've been doing in EI. Verdict after first post in new blogger format: picture editing much improved, everything else more difficult, toolbar getting cut off on my tiny screen. Not loving it.

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