Photo Phriday: Accessibility IRL

This week's photo pheme is about accessibility. The whole point of universal design is that one object can serve multiple people with varied abilities. So here are some examples of increased accessibility that I have lately seen in real life which I think are noteworthy.

I saw these toothbrushes at a friend's house. These are made by Radius and claim to be more ergonomic for reaching back teeth. The brushes come in right or left handed versions with a soft, large head. My friends are convinced that you only need to try them once to be hooked for life... there were 6 of these at the house.

My grandmother had an "accessible" hotel room when she came to visit recently. This included a doorbell, low step tub, and these nifty alternative to drapery pull cords. I liked it and was able to move with only gross arm movements.
This pill dispenser is named for Ease of use by the arthritis foundation. My grandmother found one like this in Walgreens and really likes using the push-button.

I follow the "One Man's Access" blog and he has a feature I featuring annoying/interesting/aggravating pictures of access. We saw this double doorway with stairs while on vacation, and while we were hoping it was just a terrible grammatical error, I had my husband take a picture just in case.


Samantha said...

Hello! I am a new OT and am very interested in keeping up with your blog! Interesting stuff. Looking forward to reading :)


Philip J Ebiner said...

Check out this cool motion graphics video on how to become a COTA:


It makes things super clear and fun to watch!