What a feeling...

It's been a long time since I've felt THIS good about a mid-week day off. (I hope I won't regret days like this if I go from underemployed to actually unemployed. ugh... think happy thoughts...) But anyway, let's just talk about the now. The mid-week day off is sometimes better than the weekend, because it's just me, doing what I want without anyone else's expectations or plans.

I have been feeling really burned out lately. Feeling extra fatigued for awhile, starting to have trouble sleeping for the first time in a long time, and just generally feeling behind in a lot of life areas. We took in a 2-week boarder, which was a little more work than I expected and less evening down time. I knew I'd be covering the hospital solo earlier this week, but wasn't booked for prn or EI appointments Thursday or Friday, and just decided to leave it that way.

I don't know if a before and after picture could do it justice, but I wish you could take a before and after shot of my emotional state. Yesterday, I felt like a jelly brain, and today, after sleeping in, massive amounts of dishes and laundry and picking up I just feel very at peace. Anyone who knows me personally probably just fainted at that sentence. It's not that I relish in doing chores (quite the opposite!) and I've long held in doubt info about how people need crystal clean workspaces to get things done. But getting the upper hand on this little, tangible, visible part of my life has made things feel that much more secure.

so life is (at least temporarily) pretty good.

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Barbara said...

Isn't the good life usually temporary? So glad you've had a portion!