Photo Phriday- phinally uploaded style

Off topic: It is a little-kept secret that I use a lot of google products. Clearly I'm on blogger, I also have an android phone, and I use chrome as my browser. I do this since these products usually work very well. While I don't use google+ as a social networking option often, I've said before that our presentation team had great results with the video chatting and I also rely on the instant upload feature for these posts and for my own personal use. However, it has been very glitchy on my phone lately and only works when I actively force it to synchronize. Hopefully, they're fixing this to be a bit more "instant" as advertised, since that is the whole point. /end rant

On to the photos!

This is an old worksheet from when I was still in the schools. I thought it was a particularly unique and interesting perceptual take that this little guy started to copy the design correctly, just inverted.
Saw this cute little thermometer sign when I was back in my old hometown for high school reunion. The Junior League is apparently raising money for a universally accessible playground for the city park. I love seeing efforts to increase accessibility and really hope that accessible playgrounds start to take off in more places. There are often grants available for this kind of project, so get inspired and get one for your community!

This is a photo of my grocery list before my triathlon (which explains things like the protein drinks). I include this as another kind of hopeful note for people. 10 years ago, I would eat only 22% of these foods, and most of them would not have been things I would have willingly bought to eat (i.e. I would nibble at salad at the Olive Garden, but I never would have chosen to eat that as my daily lunch).

Had to get my scrubs out of storage when I started doing prn for my old hospital. I'm glad I didn't give them all away...

How can you tell an OT car? Mine has a sticker from OT school, one from AOTA, and this little MacGuyver'ed contraption to help me remember what I need to do everyday. It's become even more important now that I have a longer commute- just more time to forget about what I was supposed to do. But 2 papers and one of those little gold clips that lets papers rotate (what is that called?!) allowed me to make a simple reminder tool for the places I need to go most. It's a little big for the car, but it's worked out well.

I've been going to a lot of baby showers lately, it's just that time of my life. I do go off-registry for some super cool items. I have loved the Tommy Tippee crumb catch/roll up bibs and when I saw these bowls I could tell I would love them too. These bowls have corners and an inner lip to make it easier for toddlers to feed themselves.


Christopher Alterio said...

I literally LOLed at your reminder system. My drink would have been on my computer screen if it was just a second sooner.

Can I have one please?

Cheryl said...

I would totally make you one Chris! However I don't have any more gold rotatey things, and am perhaps the least crafty OT in all the land. I took the photo from this angle so that it doesn't show how caddywampus the circles really are :)