A day in the life

I should do a day of work sometime... probably a couple to better capture the oddness that is my life. But here's a Saturday. Not typical, but still part of the tapestry of life.

To Do Today:
-11.5 mile bike ride, to scope the course for the triathlon (check)
-shower/lunch/recovery time (check, doing now)
-write 2 early intervention evals
-send out continuing education credits to the legislative bill review committee
-foam roller! (must not forget this!)
-laundry (approx 6-10 loads)
-clean up post-vacation mess
-review some blog moments and outline good OT stories for (semi-secret?) interview
-email Awesome Abby
-blog post? (unlikely, unless this counts, which it doesn't really)
-comment on a stixyboard for my dad
-OT dinner party (plus cannolis? a girl can dream...)

1 comment:

Abby said...

I always start my days with a list that looks a lot like yours (including a bike ride or run!), but somehow only get through about three things... No rush on emailing me...I know I'm still working on responding to emails from a month (maybe two) ago!