"My Life, My Time"

Very guilty admission: I watch a terrible reality show on the Lifetime network. Please don't think worse of me for this. But now I'm wondering if I can continue.

Lifetime has recently changed its slogan from "Television for Women" to the more universal "My Life, My Time." The first time I heard this, there was a sinking pit feeling in my stomach. UGH. Thanks so much for making me consciously think about the fact that I am choosing to spend my precious time within my life watching crap TV. I'm sure that the network executives didn't intend to make people feel guilty and miserable when watching their channel.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of time until certain things happen. The classic example would be school- constantly waiting for the next year, or college, or to be done with college- which all seem forever away. I studied hard, and had a hard time appreciating when people would say that this was a "best" time in life and everything would actually get harder. And truly, though I thought I was prepared, the first several years of my career left me exhausted. Though I would not be eager to go back to studying, I know that I will never have that much unaccounted for time or level of opportunities again.

I'm trying to switch some of my priorities in life. I may never be a triathlete with athletic prowess, but I'm trying to make sure that my husband and I are at least doing a walk around the neighborhood 4x/week. I want to have more outside time, more time to rest and rejuvenate. That may mean cutting back on some of the electronic things. Until I reach a major cutback and start slashing my RSS list, I have adopted 2 more blogs onto the list for inspiration: "Purpose Fairy" and "Open Up and Let Go" which are a little different than my normal fare but hopefully will lead me to think about things in a different way.

I don't want to be wishing my life away waiting for things to reach a level of perfection... I know that I will never really get to that perfect zone of everything fitting together. And waiting for it to get there will probably just make the current times less appealing, make me miss the good things. So I'm just making a conscious effort to try to be more conscious of my life and what I do daily. Be present. Appreciate what is going well and hope that the rest will come along in time.

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