Update on Goals

I got a comment recently about writing sensory goals so I will work on that over the weekend. And hopefully work on a few big projects for April. But, tangentially related to this topic, I thought i would offer an update for accountability purposes on my Tangentially Job-Related Goals.

I had lots of actual job goals, things that I wanted to gain experience with and mastery over, but the following were just semi-related to work at all.

1) Learn to Navigate the County: I am doing much better with this. I had mastery over locations until I started covering 2 schedules at once and so now there are a bunch of odd driving combinations instead of just to school and back to office. I still rely on the gps but I was able to help my husband get to the mall from an odd location around town, so this is going well.

2) Find Awesome Eateries: This is not going so well. The vast majority of my eating out dollars are spent at Wendy's or Panera, with some random dollars dropped at Sheetz. I should have more time for lunch (read: more than 15 minutes) mid-March.

3) Improve Time Management/Job Separation: I think this has been going pretty well. While I continue to carry some stress home, it's not as bad as the hospital. And I have not carried any paperwork home with the exception of learning to alter an excel spreadsheet.

4) Dress Like an Adult: My go-to items are essentially fitted long sleeve t-shirts, but I think I still look like an adult. I have a couple of dusters that are getting a lot of wear in this uneven winter weather.

5) Find Time for Physical Activity: These results are somewhat disappointing. I was doing well with running. Then I irritated my IT band pretty badly (I went to a football game where I had to take stairs one at a time, for some perspective). I took time off to rest and prevent it from getting worse. I tried to ease back into running with a new, start from scratch plan (depressing in itself). After 3 weeks, I started getting that familiar pain again. I'm really frustrated by it since it's hard enough to get up and try something, let alone have injury to deal with. I have been doing some strengthening at home but I don't know that it's working. I haven't used my gym membership for months due to the winter doldrums and fatigue. Running is the easiest to do since I can do it at home and I was in a spot where it was a great stress buster. I really need the stress bust, so I hope something works out soon.

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