Phebruary Photo Phriday!

I hope people aren't sick of this pheature, since it allows me to express my punny self and do shorter updates when pressed for time.

I love this little activity I found in our toy closet which has either missing picture parts or a hemi picture like this. This the third or fourth attempt with my little buddy who obviously has some serious perception problems.

This job has made me totally paranoid about my grip. But look at Tina Fey's (or her stand in?) grip! Proof you can be an awesome, famous writer with a thumb cross grip.

I would think that cursive l & e would be the easiest, but it's still quite difficult for a lot of my friends. You can see the one I turned into Dory, if you have super vision and a warped sense of art. I got a bunch of these whiteboards at Target for $1, which was a real winner in my book.

I originally started this blog to share my literal notes from OT school. This cabinet now holds most (but certainly not all) of my OT knowledge stuffs. Granted, there are a few aged items from book sales and some my mom's relevant stuff from her days in voc rehab, but that is a lot of stuff.

$10 at Dollar Tree provides a really kickin' prize box. The princess rings and squishy grips are my favorites.

Switch toy obstacle course? Yes, this is the best job ever.

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