I know I haven't been posting a lot... it's been a super stressful time at work, with the surgical rotation and covering outpatients. The stress has definitely been getting to me in my interactions with others and I dislike that a lot. I do have some nice things to reflect on... including the AOTA conference which I still haven't really got to fully process. But I am taking a MUCH NEEDED vacay and will be away from the computer as well. I am taking a couple of OT things- a big NICU course book and all my conference stuff- but my goal is rest and relaxation, so my predominant packing is puzzle books and novels. I also joined a softball league since my last posting, and it feels really good to get some balance back in my life.

PS- could I get a comment or 2 that ISN'T a spam written in Chinese? I'm moderating them out but it's been a little depressing that they're the only comments popping up in the email.

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Sara said...

I'll comment...hi Cheryl!! :) I just randomly checked out the blog and saw your sad postscript (cue Debbie Downer noise). Hopefully with being on the same rotation we can try to keep each other stress-free. Here's hoping!