1 happy thing

A very quick note...
I have been bothered lately by the number of times that I get asked the really tough questions, which can really bog and depress you in acute care. I have also had some of these moments with my outpatients, when I spot a cognitive deficit that is going to cause difficulty for the kids as they progress through school (e.g.- 1st grader unable to phonetically read 3 letter words; 3rd grader unable to add and subtract). I was mentioning one of these misgivings to a parent, asking about possible summer schooling and mom mentioned that "B" would be attending art camp this summer. She said she would still do some worksheets at home, but wasn't going to let him be burned out and unhappy when he had other interests. Obviously, everyone parents and advises differently, but I was definitely happy to say, "One of the great things about 'B' is his imagination and creativity. I bet he'll really enjoy that." In this fast paced, high scheduled, high achievement world, enjoyment of childhood should count too.

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