Job Search at AOTA Conference Expo

I'm Attending!
Have you considered spending time at the AOTA Conference Expo to conduct a job search?
If not... why not? The Expo is a place BRIMMING with hustle & bustle activity, giveaways, companies looking to sell and employers looking to hire. Taking advantage of this last group can reap major benefits. Here are some groups that I speculate will be present and anticipating your resume:

- Companies that operate nationwide will be there. So staffing companies that hire travel therapists and chains of facilities will be well represented. I'm sure Genesis will be there, along with Club Staffing (they're still sending me emails from 2004), Progressus, etc. This also includes the US Military.

- Nationally recognized facilities will be there. This includes Rehab Institute of Chicago, Rancho Los Amigos, Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

- Facilities local to the conference will be there. Do you live (or plan to relocate) within 150 miles of the conference location? There should be a wealth of local employers.

- Volunteer Organizations will be there. This includes Rebuilding Together

As a student, I was so excited to explore all these job opportunities. In some cases, you can feel out the facility for potential fieldwork placement as well. Slow times at the Expo are great times to talk 1:1 with the recruiter about what the company has to offer. and of course there will be enticing raffles and freebie items too. So bring a resume, or at least some business cards, and be prepared to explore some new opportunities.

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