AOTA Conference 2010

I'm Attending!
The debate is over- I'm Attending!!

I've got plane tickets, a hotel room, and a conference registration... Orlando here I come!

I'm very excited, already went through the conference program and started highlighting interesting topics... did I mention being excited?! I haven't been to conference since Charlotte and was disappointed I couldn't go to Houston, so I do feel a little overdue. I've posted before about why everyone should go to Conference, but there's dozens of reasons to go- comment away with yours!

If you're following me through RSS feeds, you're missing out on the new link section that will point you to my posts on the topic and a twitter search so you can track the conference trends. You're also missing out on voting about whether this blog will be "syndicated" to OT Connections. I will be crossposting all the relevant conference posts to OTC, maybe more depending on the feedback I get. (psst- so send that feedback!)

I will be making frequent posts on the Conference, partially because I have been asked to do so by AOTA as a consultant reporter. I am disclosing this working relationship, and will mark all relevant posts with the conference badge to identify them. But honestly, I'd be doing it anyway, as I have always been pro-AOTA and truly love the conference experience.

It's all a few months away, but thinking about warm sunny Orlando while I'm under an avalanche of snow in Baltimore may just help get me through the winter.

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