There have been so many farewells here lately, and it's quite frustrating!

In the space of ~1-2 months, we are losing a lot of people at work. One of the front office staffers, 3 PTs (who all sit in my cubicle row) and likely 3 great rehab techs. Also, one girl from my row is likely to go out on maternity leave any day now. I don't want it to get quiet and lonely in my area, or lose contact with good friends. And now, I'm seeing goodbyes in the blogosphere. One of the leaders from Hospital Impact is onto other projects, though the blog will continue. OT Advocacy made what was to me a shocking announcement of retirement, after a relatively short but productive run and a feature in OT Practice. And debate continues for the future of OT Students... though understandable, I would hate to lose access to the outlook of a cherished virtual friend.

And another thing! What happened to our OT Blog Carnival?! 2-3 issues and then poof?

I don't really think of fall as a time for changes... more as a time to hunker down and stay the course. Plus, I'm usually too distracted by football season to want to shake up life in any other way. Maybe some new and interesting things will pop up, but it's no fun to be saying goodbye all the time.

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