What I'm Reading Now

Current reading pile
  • Mansfield Park, Jane Austen- trying to finish this so I can get on with everything else. The first 200 pages were not particularly exciting, but now it's picking up
  • The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell- borrowed this from my dad and my husband now picked up the audio book. I'm a little competitive, so I'll have to keep up while he's reading.
  • Stroke Rehabilitation: A function-based approach- I bought this quite a while ago, but now need to get around to reading it since I will be on the neuro side of the floor quite soon.
  • OT Practice 7/13- did take a break from the novel to go through that. Have to browse the OT Connections Forum to see what the conversations are about that... the main article was interesting, I just need to process it in relation to my own life.
  • Rehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injury in Active Duty Military Personnel and Veterans: Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Rehabilitation Approaches (Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Vol 89, Dec 2008)- Saw this referenced in the previous OT Practice and it referred to 2 different treatment approaches that I wanted more information on. Haven't set out to tackle it yet.
  • Self-care, productivity, and leisure, or dimensions of occupational experience? Rethinking occupational "categories" (Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy April 2009 Vol 6 Num 2)- Saw the abstract on Karen's blog and had my library buds pull it for me. Should be an interesting challenge to daily practice.
  • Validation of a New Coma Scale: The FOUR Score (Annals of Neurology 2005; 58:585-593)- I saw this in our new employee handbook in the 'preparing for neuro' section. I can't remember if I learned about this before or not. I know that we did the Glasgow Coma Scale and the Rancho Los Amigos Scale for Brain Injury, but I thought I would look into this. Not sure if it is used on our floor or not, but it's worth learning about.
  • 17 files from my neuro professor/coworker- piles of powerpoints, buckets of documents, all in preparation for the scary neuro floor. eeep!

So that's what I'm up to. I love reading, but sometimes there is too much... this doesn't even take into account my Google Reader list or daily newspaper browsing. Anyone know an electronic reader that will transport the information into my mind?

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