Slow on the Updates

Some busy times lately...
So for the first time in 2 or 3 weeks, I finally was able to discharge a patient on the evaluation. I have been so busy lately and working over a lot because every person I have seen has needed subacute rehab or nursing home placement, which means that they all needed goals written and follow ups done... very time and thought consuming.
Wednesday we only had 7 new evals (only!) for 3 OTs, so we actually got to the follow up cards... one of the other girls said, "did you pick up? You still have cards in here" and the answer was yes, I have a full load today, but I just have too many people to actually see them all in a day. Been exhausted all week really. Sleeping on the metro instead of reading.

Trying to answer a Call for Papers for my state conference... haven't decided whether to submit for AOTA as well or not. Having a hard time following through on the requirements to write it up, very pathetic as I have no trouble writing on here, but once there's a deadline my brain is locked and procrastination sets in. I am obviously not going back to school any time soon.

I am going to Orlando in 2010 for the AOTA conference, and hopefully will get reimbursed for it from our continuing ed funds. I'm actually in a strange CE situation... I was a little panicky earlier in the year, but picked up 2 hours just applying for my new license. If I present at my state conference, that's 6 hours (have to pay to register anyway) plus a few as credit for the presentation, and my hospital is offering a stroke course for 6 hours that is super cheap for employees, so I could finish the rest of my hours right there no problem. But I am interested in the AOTA course Integrating Mental Health Into OT Practice with Older Adults... it is another 6 hours and still priced very fairly for members. I think it would be very helpful for me, but from a financial or efficiency standpoint, it doesn't make sense. I can't carryover extra CE hours in my new state, and I will have more than enough from the AOTA conference for 2010. In theory I guess I could order it and then just hold off on submitting the exam until I need it (2011?) if it is active that long. I am also holding onto 2 completed CE articles from OT practice on contemporary motor control that I hadn't submitted since I can't find my coupon.

A world with many options is simply a world filled with too many decisions...

I do have 2-3 interesting case studies I will post soon. Busy set of weekends coming up- worked last 2, had a visitor last weekend, at my parents' house for a wedding this weekend... Even though we always try to cut back to have relaxing time we always get large stretches of weeks in the summer and fall that are heavy on travel. Hope everyone is enjoying summertime before we hit triple digit heat on the East coast. :)

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