Long Term Goals

This is a cross post from OT Connections, but I thought I might get quicker and more diverse responses here.

For goal writing, I was taught that your STGs should be directly related to your LTGs, and that they should all be able to be achieved in the timeframe for the facility. In acute care, therefore, a LTG could be set for only 1-2 weeks. However, my new employer says that their policy is that the LTGs are the overarching goals for the pt when they are completely rehabilitated. This would include driving independently, resuming work, being completely independent. They claim that this is how Medicare wants to see the goals, but it doesn't make sense to me. A goal of driving independently in the acute care setting is not achievable, realistic, or fitting the timetable of therapy. I don't understand why my goals for a pt. in a short term setting would have to encompass the potential months of additional therapy that the pt. should receive, especially when there is no firm discharge plan. Has anyone else heard that this is the "preferred" way of writing goals? Is anyone using these as their only LTG? Thoughts please...

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