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Got an email from a Canadian OT student who has started collecting OT blogs and compiling them here for ease of reading and access. Seems a little cleaner than the AOTA blogroll effort, though to be fair, I haven't been visiting that regularly. I keep finding new ones that are OT or related and adding them to my google reader application. I wouldn't be able to read all the things that I do without it, so if you make a cool change to your layout, put it in a blog post so that I know to check it out :-P

I have a whole folder full of links to share... articles picked up on Advance or Therapy Times or the local newspaper. I will get to that soon (I promise!) and also finally watch my awesome sensory integration video and post my reflections from it.

Closing thought: Is Lou Holtz secretly supporting OT? We definitely figure in at least 3 of these-
"Everyone needs four things:
something to do
someone to love
something to hope for
something to believe in"

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