Brief recap

Last week:
-Mondays are not Fundays... especially when only 2 people are left to manage inpatient and outpatient... 1 COTA, 1 OT... 2 outpatient schedules... plenty of hospital evaluations.
-Tuesday was also shorthanded and always unfun. We usually split patients not by the amount of time required to treat, but just by the number of patients, which can lead to some major discrepancies on these days.
-Wednesdays are also not fun due to routinely scheduled staffing shortages. Made it through and then got a visit from my parents! First time they have been out to my new place. The rest of the week (parts not devoted to work) was devoted to tourist-type fun and awesome restaurants.

This week:
Another shorthanded Monday with 5 evals and treatments of adults and 5 kids as well. Worked through lunch to make a social skills worksheet identifying "potential friends" for a kid w/ Aspergers. Will post that later...
Today I had some extra clerical work but was unwilling to stay and do it after an 11 hour Monday.

I've been a very involved Olympics fan for a long time... I'd 1994 is the first games that I remember, though I do remember the 92 Dream Team somewhat. Really hate that I have to go to bed before fun stuff happens (Men's gymnastics bronze!!) and need to get better w/ the DVR. I've highlighted all the fun events I want to see (approx 2200) and will not have a lot of computer time devoted to non-Olympic pursuits for awhile. :) Husband is leaving for overseas multi-week job placement soon, so I'll have a considerable amount of time to dedicate to different projects. Part of that will be uploading various files to share with the online community. Other OT-related projects include preparing for my annual review, calling and scheduling parents for the school year, and looking at the feasibility of doing a research study at my facility.

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