Welcome! As this blog is very very new, you probably know me and are at least somewhat familiar with my life. You may have followed my previous journal keeping and (though I doubt it) looked forward to my return to typing about my everyday life and opinions on everything from sports to politics. However, I would someday like to have people that I DON'T know read this blog and find interest in it. So I will be keeping all those personal (and probably not very interesting) issues off of this blog if they do not specifically relate to my profession. Never fear- I will continue posting photos, political thoughts, personal updates, and all the other fun stuff in other outlets, at this point probably facebook.

Here is the outline of principles for this blog, and I will try to be accountable to these.

  • Information about OT
  • Issues important to the profession or the clientèle
  • An occasional chronicle of my professional development and everyday adventures as an OT
  • Advice to my peers and future professionals about practice and school
  • Stories from my job meant to evoke thoughts, emotions, and inspiration
  • A forum for me to gripe about work, coworkers, clients, friends, family
  • A photo album of my personal life
  • An area of negativity
  • A HIPAA violation
  • An outlet for my random thoughts on everyday life
  • Read, enjoy, and share with those who have an interest in OT, healthcare, wellness
  • Provide your comments to help advance discussions about important issues
  • Avoid negative attacks on me, other commenters, OT
Thanks for reading and participating...


Jo said...


Just wanted to write a quick note saying that I found your blog randomly (I can't remember how) and that I am enjoying it. I am interested in the career and it's great to read about someone's experiences.

Lis said...

I also randomly found your blog but am very glad that I did! I am currently in school for Occupational Therapy in Kentucky and it is always interesting to hear from someone who is already in the proffession as everybody has different things to say. Its very inspiring to me to see all the amazing things you are doing with your patients even though I realize it is not always easy. No matter what some people say, Occupational Therapy makes a difference in people's lives that most wont ever understand, I wish you the best of luck throughout the rest of your career! I will definitely continue to read your blogs!