Why I'm not following you on Twitter

I have seen other posts similar to this, but I am on Twitter a lot and still see a lot of these mistakes/personal peeves, so I wanted to share.

  1. I personally don't like to be overloaded with an out of control feed of thousands of people. So I'm not going to follow you just because you follow or tweet at me. Sorry.
  2. If your posts are all abbreviated and linked to facebook, I will not click through.
  3. If your posts are all things you are posting on pinterest (especially if it is just reusing someone else's words about the pin)
  4. If you tweet a whole lot, I might not be able to handle that. If I can turn it down by eliminating your replies and retweets, I will, but sometimes the volume is still too much. If you are active in multiple chats a day, I might not be able to accommodate that.
  5. If you don't tweet very frequently, I will think you're not actually active. I'm not super demanding. A post within the week, or several quality posts a month is good for me.
  6. If you don't have a real picture or profile description, I won't follow you. I need to see that you are interested in something that I am- OT!! or education, special needs, disability issues, early childhood development, or medicine. Consider using a hashtag in your profile to call attention to these interests.
  7. If you have additional interests that are outside my own and take up a lot of your tweet volume, I won't follow you. I don't need to hear about your roto league, your politics, or your thoughts on TV shows everyday, but I don't mind the occasional random shoutout to something else.
Obviously people use Twitter in different ways, and you need look no farther than my "OT Family" to realize that. So these are my guidelines, but others might be drastically different. Twitter is my primary tool, when others prefer Facebook or another platform. What affects your professional social media usage?

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