What a great week!

I'm going to break my Tuesdays-only rule for a Friday post because this has been an awesome week!

First, I was the featured interview this week for Abby's blog (Notes from a Pediatric OT) in her OT's Perspective series. Be sure to check that out, but be prepared, I'm my usual wordy self. There are also some  pictures that you may not have seen before, including one that features my swan neck deformity, lol. Be sure to add Abby's blog to your list of good reading to follow!

Then, before I even got to return to my normalcy, I also got to pop up on the AOTA Checking the Pulse blog! Stephanie Y is doing an 'Appy April feature where AOTA members get to describe a favorite app and how it helps them. I discussed how I use the Due Today app on my phone (combined with ToodleDo on my computer) to keep up to date on all my to-dos. 

Teaser alert- if you like info on how to get organized, I do have a more explanatory post of some of my methods with pictures coming up in early May, so watch for that!

Additional teaser- I finished my video presentation for the AOTA conference! If you can't go to the conference, you will be able to catch our whole presentation streaming online, just pay attention on twitter for details. I will also have a blog post that week that goes into a bit more detail on some things, because we have already established that I am wordy.

Have a great weekend!

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