Maternity plan

People have been asking me about what my work plan will be after the baby since before we knew there was be a baby (part of another larger topic destined to be a journal entry, maybe a public entry) but the questions have certainly multiplied as time has gone on. Part of starting a job while 6 months pregnant is that everyone wants to know what you intend to do in the coming months. But I've been blogging much longer than anything else, so I feel like I need to share a maternity plan for the blog so you the reader aren't left in the dark.

Ultimately, I have a lot of stuff going on right now. It's very stressful. I had set a deadline of last week of March/first week of April for A LOT of to-dos and now we're actually coming up on that. It's intense. Blogging is not high on my priority list, it's definitely below prepping for the AOTA conference (via video), transitioning kids at work, and trying to get the house in order.

I have been trying to get one post per week scheduled in advance. A big part of this is taking old drafts and finishing them, or posting things I wrote long ago. I'm also just trying to make peace with some shorter or more compilation entries. Originally, I had just been making sure there'd be one post a week, now I think I will schedule them all for Tuesdays so that people who don't have RSS (or haven't found a google reader alternative GRAWR) know when to show up. As of now, this is set to go through May, but I know that I probably will fade and have some absences. I am going to put the #10minTues tag on hiatus since all posts will be on Tuesdays and they have been longer than 10 minutes to write.

I will probably lurk on some other blogs but not comment very much. And I expect that I will largely just delete items unread. If there's anything dramatic, I might need some fireworks or other attention-grabbing strategies so that I get to it within a month or so. I will probably lurk on twitter in the same way, but I would expect more updates or at least retweets over there.

Truthfully, when I'm not working, I don't have a lot of OT revelations that are fit for sharing. And there's going to be a new gigantic focus in my life, so I don't anticipate a lot of extra energy floating around for OT stuff. But I'll be back at some point.

I wish I had advice for people who were trying to plot out their own leave, but since my job situation is ... extremely unique ... I don't think my strategy would be very helpful to anyone else. I am scheduled normally for 2 days/week but have now dropped down to 1 day for scheduling purposes. I continue to see two of my EI clients who don't need frequent services but have transitioned the rest to other therapists. I do occasionally take a prn day at the hospital outpatient as well. Hopefully this very reduced schedule will help me get some other things done prior to baby time.

Kinda rambly. But here's the goals:
New posts on Tuesdays (when they are available)
I'll try to do comment moderation at least once a week
I will post a family picture when add our new little guy
the blog may get dusty, but will not be abandoned :)

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