Photo Phriday- My Office(s)

So right now my work life is mainly Early Intervention as an independent contractor and prn work at a local hospital/outpatient center. It's a primarily self-employed, no-guarantees type of existence. Work gets done but much more differently than when I had a predictable schedule and landing zone. So here's a peek at the many offices of Cheryl.

I took this at the desk I was borrowing at the hospital. Depending on my schedule, sometimes I will stop in during the day or clock out and continue to enjoy a heated area to conduct business. (It's also nice to just be able to engage with people instead of hanging out alone!) I was able to borrow a printer, scissors, markers and glue to make these visual stimulation patterns for one of my kiddos. 

I bought these (rather expensive) stamps when I thought there was a hope of getting back in the schools this year. The kids loved stamping their attendance sheets and I thought these would be a superb treat for them. These sit on my computer desk at home which only gets used when I have to type an eval or print something. Unfortunately there just haven't been many opportunities to use these and it seems a little self-aggrandizing to stamp a "terrific" on my own things. 

The mobile office- e.g. front seat of my car! I spend more time in my car than probably anywhere else. It's depressing. You can tell that it's very well used... pictured includes the typical wallet, coat, lunchbox and clip board. But there's also the cat toys for multisensory play, straws and applesauce for sensory sucking, and a Child Guide magazine buried in there.

Here I am in my most used spot on the living room floor, making some weighted objects for the kiddos using beans and a pair of girls' tights. In retrospect, I definitely should have thrown a pantyhose in there before the beans and maybe double socked, but they should serve their purpose and I needed to be quick. Cameo appearance by my trusty lapdesk, holding the lappy I most often use. Working wear is what you make it... including Halloween shirts in November and sweat pants from high school.

Speaking of working wear, this lab coat has been hiding in my closet since 2006. You can still see the original folds from the factory! I wore it for the pinning ceremony, used it to store a couple of pins I probably would have lost by now, but otherwise have not even thought of wearing it once. It's also not even close to being the correct size so I am not sure it would look professional if I actually did put it on. Does anyone else have a hiding coat? Or are there mythical people at top of the line facilities that wear them and aren't constantly confused with doctors? I would be interested to know.


Tonya said...

That is all so familiar. I do think that I have a lab coat hiding somewhere in my closet. My daughter wore it in 2nd grade for a presentation about wanting to be a vet when she grew up.

Abby said...

Love it! I can totally relate to your "mobile office!"

Mel said...

I have a really nice lab coat I wore only a few times for one of my level 2 fieldwork placements.