What's up Wednesday?

Not a lot of time to write, but I want to get a couple of ideas down.
I'm kinda ready to jump to January and start some New Year's resolutions personally and professionally. I wouldn't necessarily hold for the traditional start at the beginning of the year, but life is HOPPING for us right through the end of 2012. My early intervention caseload is really taking off (hooray increasingly regular employment!) and with the holidays the hospital and outpatient center have been calling me in for more prn work. Great, but really busy! I'm trying to get some artwork done for friends for Christmas, which is challenging from a double standpoint- deadline and lack of artistic talent! Holidays for us always means lots of traveling to see family and friends, but my husband will also have to potentially work during our normal holiday time so that they have a product by year's end. And if that's not enough- we have a trip to Sweden coming up in the middle of all that.

So life is really busy. Not sure how I'm going to get all my visits in... I'm suspected a lot of make ups in January. I am trying to snap out of my previous blog funk and think it's been going ok. I plan to implement 2 new changes for blogging. One is to assume that ideas are rotten after 2 weeks. I may extend that deadline out a little bit, but I need to take quicker action, write what I think, and be done with it instead of ruminating over the details as much. I get very frustrated with myself when I see that someone else has acted on an idea I had, and it happens much too frequently for my taste. To enable this is change #2, I am going to try to do at least one 10 minute post per week. I'm going to allow myself to jump topics within it and let it be a little more stream of consciousness if needed, a'la Awesomeness.

My 5-year blogging anniversary is coming up in 2013 and I am excited! I just realized that this morning. I want to allow myself some celebration around that. I am planning a feature on the blog's Greatest Hits... I am proud of some of the writing that I do, but it seems to me that the best writing gets the least attention, so I'm going to put some of that out there. There should also be a giveaway, so I'll have to take some time to think of something appropriately celebratory. And I think there will be some big news to announce during that time as well.

I'm going to take that excitement and help channel it into today- because I am going to need it! Crummy night's sleep where I should have gotten up at 4am, eval to write, doctor appointment, and late night EI visit with an hour drive there/back. Gogo gadget excitement!


Abby said...

Wow! Five years of blogging? I am impressed! And a trip to Sweden coming up? Super jealous! Happy to hear that your EI caseload is picking up. It's such a fun population to work with.
PS - I like the idea of that two week rule, but I don't think I would ever blog ANYTHING if I followed that :) But on the other hand, I should probably just let go of some of the ideas on my never ending "to blog about someday" list.

Karen said...

I am so super offended. You think I write like stream of consciousnessy? Who do you think you are!! I never do things like that or think about weird things...Speaking of which did i tell you about that squirrel I saw the other day....Oh wait. Anyway. I really, really, really like your new blogging plan. Congrats on your OT amazingness :) :

Cheryl said...

Abby, between the drafts in blogger and the entry ideas on my to-do list, I have 50 entries that were never written and never deleted! I'm clearing it out! Plus, with you and Dana from Embrace writing so regularly I feel guilty :)

Karen, I know that squirrel that you saw would be named Honeybooboo... I'm hoping he's not the same one that keeps dive bombing my picture window...