Photo Phriday!

So I finally got some pictures off my phone! Here are some OT-related pics that you may find amusing.

It's totally unnecessary for parents to tally scoresheets themselves, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it!

Can you tell this backpack belongs to a pediatric OT? This is an awesome dragon puppet that has a multitude of fasteners along his tail. Everyone loves Danny Dragon.

This is a shot of the beading dowel. The little guy who did this had no problem matching colors but was just randomly lucky on getting the right shape (30% or less, all trials. Pretty sure that was the only purple bead too).

This is a picture that the students made after reading "Dog's Colorful Day" where Dog encounters 1 different colored blob during each part of the adventure. Can you tell which child worked on her picture as part of an OT session? And also had a bit of a perseveration problem? lol

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