In the throes of ... lots of non-OT stuff

Life goes marching on...

Since the move, we have been trying to focus on more family time, and that has transitioned into an increase in athletic endeavors, which has been also going along with work on healthier eating. So there have been a lot of changes that we are trying to turn into healthy habits... a personal "lifestyle redesign" project, if you will. I'm not being super smart about things though since I've made lots and lots of goals, too many to focus on all at once, and no time frames. Also trying to buy a house, which is an insanely-detailed process.

I've only worked 4 days at my new job (a 3 day week and a week long vacation does make it hard to accumulate time, haha) but I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things. There are computer and written portions of the documentation. It's a new computer program for me, and it will be interesting to see how all the documentation moves to computer (I consider it only a matter of time for all sites... it is the 21st century after all). There have definitely been some great moments with the residents and I hope that things will go well.

Ultimately, I would like to start a Lifestyle Redesign styled program in the assisted living facility. I have gathered some research to use in marketing, but need to review how to do a needs analysis, decide whether to pursue grants, etc etc. I would REALLY LOVE FEEDBACK on getting this started.

I've been keeping busy on my "off" days, which is kind of bad since I have plenty of OT things to be doing during that time, but there is a lot of ebb and flow right now. things will likely get done, just a little off the ideal schedule.

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