Life's been pretty busy lately...
I've been working on notes at home almost every night, and have also started trying to track my work day in 15 minute increments so that I can become more efficient.

Enjoyed Harry Potter. Holidays are coming up, as are the family travels over hither and yon. We are planning a trip to New York soon, I have never been there so I am really excited.

Recently got a Nook and have been pretty excited trying to put journal articles (and tons of novels) on it. OT Practice does download as a pdf file but it doesn't come out quite right... will have to play around with it.

I have officially added 1 OT activity to my life... a special welcome to any MOTA members.

I definitely have plans to write more soon, but I'm trying to get upbeat... it's been a very difficult rotation, we've lost a lot of patients on caseload, I feel like I should be a representative for the hospice service. I will have an entry on hospice coming up, and do have others planned/half-started as well.

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