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I have been slowly making some changes to the overall site layout.I have moved all the multitude of links to one single page (sadly without targets) which can be accessed on the right side of the page, also near an extended version of "about me." I am keeping the 3 bar layout for now so I can spread out the remaining objects. If you have already used the subscribe buttons to the right so that you can read these updates through RSS, kudos, and if not, I would consider getting a feed reader to save yourself some time and clicks. I am also considering adding a widget that would allow for the feed to be turned into PDF format, which would be more helpful for someone using a Kindle or other non-computer device to read the blog- is anyone interested in that?

As a sidenote, I think I will have to retract some of my previous statements on the Kindle. There are free and discounted books available (though many are pre-1923) and some library e-book downloads are compatible (though the e-book portion of my library is much smaller than the actual book portion). Most importantly for the OT world, because the Kindle can access PDF files, it IS capable of reading AJOT and OT Practice. There are also a few loopholes that allow for access to RSS feeds and I think that the new version can access email similar to a phone. It also allows for highlighting and notetaking, which I wanted for blogging use. I continue to think that it is a good tool for those with low vision, and a better tool than a standard monitor setup for reading without causing eyestrain. Not a pitch for the device (and certainly not a paid ad), but I'm thinking of getting one for myself and seeing that I was wrong about some of my insinuations.

There is a new call for applications to the Emerging Leaders Development Program (v. 2.o) and I have made a promise to myself not to screw the application up this year. Also will try to have posts a little more frequent, I am almost through with most recent promised post and do take requests.
I'm waiting on a new computer to arrive, but since most of my documents are either cloud based or just floating in the transom of my mind, it shouldn't cause any delays with updating. January will mark the 3 year anniversary of the blog and I was considering taking a poll of the readers, but please feel free to comment, email, or find me on OTConnections to let me know what is interesting to you.

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