Back From Conference

State OT conference was this weekend and I had both an enjoyable time and very energizing time.
Finishing and presenting my topic at the state conference were both great feelings. I haven't given a formal presentation since school, and it was even longer since I'd given one in front of (mostly) strangers. I felt a bit like a motormouth and know that I set out to cover too much for my 30 minutes, but it was a good experience. The official title was "Growing as an OT Through Online Resources" but it was basically a quick overview of multiple types of online tools (with several plugs for OT Connections, haha). Only bummer was that my presentation was last so people were tired and quiet by the time I came up to talk.

Got to spend some good time catching up with fellow alumnae of my program, quick chats with a couple of professors as well. Serendipitous moment was seeing a car with license plate "OTHELPS" as we were driving back.

Love the energizing feeling that comes from being with other OTs, hearing about legislative victories, hearing some inspirational stories of rehab at its best. Have some ideas about helping our conference continue to grow, and I enjoyed presenting and think I can do that again with less stress. Have another project that I'm working on this week and then will be working the next 3 Sundays due to holiday scheduling so life continues to be very busy. Learning a lot on the cardiopulmonary floor and will be passing it along soon! :)

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