Interesting OT Connections threads

I've been trying to spend a little more time on OT Connections, especially in the posting department as opposed to lurking. Here's some topics that I have found interesting in the past few days.

You will have to be logged into OT Connections for the links to work- membership is free, you oughta be a member!

Food for Thought- a really good student project involving nursing home residents having greater control over meal time

Documentation on PDAs- a home health group is going paperless

OT Practice Discussion Forum- anyone can post topics now, I will probably x-post some thoughts on articles both here and there

Oncology Research Articles
- I am looking for good rehab research relating to pts w/ cancer

Activity Book for Alzheimer's Patients- Barbara Smith shares her method for creating an activity book, some good suggestions on the thread

SI for Geriatrics- some good information about bringing sensory strategies to the older adult population

Hope that this is a good jumping in point for anyone who hasn't taken the leap into the OT Connections networking pool. Anything else captivating your interest on the site?

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