Don't forget to vote!

Deadline for feedback on RA motions is March 28- that's next Friday, AOTA members.

You can find info about the RA motions in the March 10 issue of OT Practice, or this page which has links to all the papers and reports. You can voice your concerns to your state rep by filling out this survey.

I attended part of an RA meeting as part of my stint as a student delegate. Honestly, I find meetings in general to be pretty boring and this was no exception. I am not willing to learn parliamentary procedure and hash out word by word details of various motions that I find to be soporific. Thankfully, there are some people who are willing to take on this responsibility, but without feedback, they are on their own for decisions. While some consider most of the RA motions to be of no concern, it should be noted that there has been a lot of heated debate on the Phys-Dys listserv about Motion 1. These motions can affect the future of OT practice, so it's worth taking 20-30 minutes to give your rep some feedback about what you want for your future. Do it soon though!

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